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Lodging for the Fiddle School

Unfortunately we do not have housing on the West Denmark Fiddle School site so we cannot offer lodging.  We do have a couple of options listed below.  There are some bed and breakfast places in the area that can be used if you prefer not to use the Luck Country Inn and you can see what you can find on the internet.  We don't have enough knowledge about Bed and Breakfast places so we can't make any recommendations.  Perhaps in the future we can compile a list of places to stay with recommendations from participants to make searching for lodging easier.

Luck Country Inn.jpg

Luck Country Inn

10 Robertson Road

Luck, WI  54812


The Luck Country Inn is about one mile from the Fiddle School.  It is located where Highway 35 and 48 meet on the North side of Luck.  The rate per night for a room with two beds, which can sleep up to 4 per room, is $75.  To get this rate you must call the motel and ask for the Fiddle School rate.  You will not get this rate if you reserve online.  All rooms are on a first come, first served basis, they have not set aside a certain number of rooms.  Their cancellation policy is on their website as are pictures of the motel.  

Camping at West Denmark

Some participants may enjoy camping on the West Denmark site.  Camping can be done in the area around the Dane School where there is a toilet, sink, and shower.  If you wish to camp at West Denmark, you MUST call Pastor Linda (715-566-4417) at West Denmark to make arrangements.  Please do not arrive at West Denmark expecting to camp without calling first. Tents are generally not a problem, however, county zoning regulations are quite limited as to vehicles and campers left on site overnight so please talk to Pastor Linda before you arrive.  RVs of any type are somewhat problematic.  There is a limit to what the septic system can handle and we don't want to put the West Denmark Church at risk for not following zoning regulations. 

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