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Dates and Schedules

The Fiddle School generally begins on the second Sunday in June, please note the change for Fiddle School 24 and in 2025. 

Participants will receive via email the schedule for the week and a schedule will be posted at the Gym Hall.


The typical schedule may look like this:

Harald Haugaard's West Denmark Fiddle School 2019         
8:00 Breakfast    
9:00 Gathering/ Warm Up
9:30 Lessons
10:30 Lessons
11:30 Lessons
12:15 Lunch 
13:45 Lessons
14:30 Lessons
15:10 Coffee
15:40 Afternoon Activity
17:30 Off
18:00 Supper Monday Fish Boil
The Fiddle School teachers rotate between the intermediate, advanced,
super advanced, and ensemble classes.

Sunday - Check in from 12:00 to 2:00        Activity at 2:00     Supper at  5:00-6:30.  Orientation and warm up exercises at 7:00

Monday -  Fish Boil for supper  Jamming

Tuesday - Evening, Instructors' Concert, Jamming

Wednesday - Evening, Open Stage   Jamming

Thursday - Evening, Finale Concert   Jamming

Friday - Breakfast, Goodbyes   Some people leave after the concert on Thursday evening

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