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" Each day I was at West Denmark, I felt as if I was being given amazing gifts from the generosity of the instructors, the staff, and fellow participants alike. I learned more about jamming with others at this Fiddle School than in any other experience I've had and I practice differently because of what I learned there. I'll return to West Denmark time and again."- Mary Templeton, Socorro, NM

"I found a warm, inviting environment to learn new fiddle styles on the shores of Little Butternut Lake at Harold Haugaard's West Denmark fiddle school near Luck, WI. Great teachers, great tunes, great venue and farm fresh meals!" Carrie Anne Dye, Lacey, WA

"Harald Haugaard's West Denmark fiddle school was the musical highlight of my year. I've been to a few different music camps and each is a marvelous ride and I hang on as best I can and learn an enormous amount about music, myself and my instrument .Learning to play tunes by ear day after day is absorbing and wonderfully rewarding but it's incredibly hard and personal work. During the fiddle school Harald, his co-teachers, and the people of West Denmark set up a very special environment and way of living that made connecting with each other and the music while delving into the joy of learning as easy as possible (but it's never that easy). When I was worn out from working my hardest in class there would be kind people, encouraging conversation and the reward (or comfort) of delicious food that took account of my dietary intolerance." Susan Harper, New Zealand

"The instructors were the best of the best and the smaller class size allowed for more opportunities to explore harmonies, rhythmic chording, fingered embellishments,and bowing techniques." Chris Peoples, Indio, CA

"A lovely experience from the picturesque setting, to the small class sizes. A challenging and rewarding experience." Desiah Melby, Amherst, WI

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